Black-Out Flexible Ducting

Blackout Flexible Ducting uses 16oz black-out PVC-laminated fabric, meticulously welded to improve airflow efficiency and reduce leakage. This product works beautifully in higher temperature environments when Insulated Flexible Ducting is not needed. The 16oz fabric “blocks out” UV rays which

  • Helps prevent sweating
  • Maintains the temperature of the cool air you are transporting longer

Designed to be versatile, it can handle the harshest environments, withstanding temperatures of -20 to 150 F˚. Reinforced with thick spiral wire, this duct is light, reliably tough, and allows for maximum flexibility.

Diameter:4 – 50 in.
Pitch:2 – 7 in
Length:25 ft. (custom upon request)
Bonding:Welded (sewn upon request)
Fabric Weight:14 oz
Fabric Color:White

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